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We offer publications on the history of Poland and Central and Eastern Europe in the 20th century (including foreign publications).
  • Approximately 2500 publications on World War I and World War II, the history of interwar Poland, the Home Army, the Warsaw Uprising, holocaust and the Jewish issues, Poland-Ukraine relations, the history of the Soviet Union, the history of the Polish People’s Republic, Solidarity movement and the opposition, Martial Law, the history of the Balkan states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the history of Warsaw. A lot of publications are only available in our bookshop and are competitively priced.
  • A monthly offer on a selected best seller;
  • Journals (Karta), educational booklets, catalogues of exhibitions organized by the HMH;
  • Postcards made of archived photographs;
  • Low-priced books section;
  • The chance to read various publications in our reading room;
  • Participation in book promoting events, discussions with authors and historians;